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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons


The Bible tells us that demons are just angels that followed Satan in rebellion. They must obey their master and they do it until today.
The Christian view is that there is no middle ground. Jesus said that Satan is the Lord of this world, but victory is granted to those who seek protection in Christ.

Facing demons without this protection is a recipe for disaster. You will get beaten up and naked, like those guys in the Bible. However, you can go to hundreds of churches where demons are cast away from people in name of Jesus. They cant be ALL neurotic. The demons also express knowledge of things that are supernatural...they are not an invention from a psychologically sick mind.

This thread reminds me of the case of a German lady who went to a candomble session in Bahia, to watch a culturally rich experience...when the spirits were called, she fell face first on the floor and started to shake, possessed. In First World countries, people are still very materialistic minded... Without the protection of Jesus, anyone is easy pray for demons. Sometimes nothing happens because people outside of Christ is no threat to them, so they let them be...they say that themselves.

shatrani wrote:
And now about demons. They aren't entities with phisical body. They live in other plan(low level , low vibration).
They are satan's assistances, but they never resist around a human being with high vibration or things with high vibration(like: cross,incense or other divination things). They are tools without free will . They go where are atractted by low and dirty energy (vibration).They are tools because God use them to tempt us to see if we understand our lessons here on Earth. An spiritual human being are in touch with light (with God ) and these creatures(demons) hate the light. Demons listen and afraid when a spiritual human being is around. There are some practices in Tibet using by spiritual people - they use some kind of creatures because demons haven't free will and they go and they do what somebody asks them. Yes, I agree, sounds scareing for who doesn't knows about spiritual power and how to use it in positive sense only to help people to guide people on light way.
We are tempt by demons in every moment. Think twice when you smoke a ciggarette-you feed a demon. See how easy is it to be in touch with them? Think positive , keep you clen (body, mind ) and be in touch with God and never demons should be around. But this way is a little bit hard for many people. But this is the way, this is the target and opposite with Freemasons target. Be free and be in touch with light!
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