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peace to all

All my life I felt like everybody else possessed some mysterious
Handbook For Humans which I lacked...
Ever since I was a teenager I've been bewildered and amazed at
people around me taking everything for granted. All that energy, man!
I knew (always experienced the world intuitively rather than
intellectually) that something was very wrong, the way the sense of magic seemed to flee the planet.

Now I understand (thanks to among others Mr Makow - who btw sometimes throws my wife into fits of rage) that I'd damn well better pay attention to these 'obscure' dissidents way across the seas - in order to understand what's going on right here...where my children are dependant on my choices.

I'm a true anti-ism-ist, and I strongly feel that Krishna-Buddha-Christ-Mohammad-whathaveyou are manifestations of the very same idea & feel. Whether they were real historic characters or not doesn't seem to matter much.

I've given up searching for spiritual answers outside myself.
Maybe one day, when these dark ages are over, science will prove that love & compassion really is what creates gravity and keeps the world together.

Respect to you all from the Snowy North!
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