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Default Re: Why I am resigning from Club Conspiracy

It's about time the admins here got off their collective arse and did something about you. I'm wondering when they're going to take care of the Bot that logs in as SEC?
As soon as you see filth like this report it!

I have been furiously reporting all dickheads on this site. SKANSPIRACY and TOR are two victims of their own stupidity though I believe TOR capable of rehabilitation.

Keep reporting them!

ADMIN will wipe them in due course. Do NOT reply to them!

Report them and ADMIN will block their I.P.

Getting rid of twits is easy. :-)

As for SEC...true, he does TROLL but in a high class way. He posts decent articles so i'm not complaining to much.

However, if people are simply posting and then running...never engaging in debate, then thats certainly cause for some attention.
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