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Default Re: Dissapearing Post - "Whatever Happened To The Orbital Engine"

truebeliever wrote:
But that is only America with regards no market for fuel efficient cars. Oz, U.k and Europe pay premuim prices for fuel. Hearing Americans complain about $2-$3 a gallon is funny when Australians pay $5. Europe and U.K more.

The motor btw was at around 80kw (110 hp) and a top speed of 200km/h.
Sorry, did the math wrong in my head, but I still stand by my possible alternative conclusion. By far, the biggest seller during those years were big trucks, suvs and V-8 sports cars--in both US and Asian markets

It seems pretty plain there is going to be an exponential jump STRAIGHT to hydrogen. It's pretty much a given and Wall Street speak about it openly.

The hydrogen will come from natural gas. Perhaps some "token" solar panel made hydrogen from water. Possibly also from nuclear power.
Hydrogen is the big buzzword, but I am skeptical of us moving there anytime soon, except at the margin. You are correct that it will likely come from NG, since that is the cheapest place to get it. Other sources simply can not compete on cost. Oil company conspiracy? I don't know. It would save a lot on infrastructure. Interestingly gas is a better source for other alternative fuels, as is coal, but everyone is running to use corn. Another conspiracy? Or, just an entrenched interest group in the farmers?
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