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"Mary, thankyou so much for your comments and encouragement. Yes, unfortunately, this is all a true story, what is still so cruel is no-one here are still willing to help us. They say we are friendly Newfie's but it must only be to outsiders. Our Legal System is Corrupt and out of control and nothing is done about it. On wednesday I have to appear before the new Chief Justice Green, appointed by Alex Hickman, now he's going to tell me if I'm telling the truth or not, I told him all they have to do is investigate and do DNA samples, he told me, the Law doesn't work like that here, he has to cover-up for his friends. I'd never believe how corrupt things are here, no Lawyer will even talk to me.Please keep me in your prayers.
Byron Prior"

Please help brainstorm any help on the s.o.s. thread

Mary XXX
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