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I agree. Computer is the slave of its master. And even though we might control the computer we dont really own it. We dont control any program production, so if you know about conspiracy that you would see that eventually the compuetr is an angel but because of our neglegance for this technology to improve our life, it has fallen in satans hand. Everything is in our hands. But for worship, you have to know what worship is before you say whether your body is made for it or not. First of all worship is any act we do. At this moement we are all worshipping, at the same time, we can not stop this, we need to fill this void with things. Worship is love of deities material (or mix). Worship is an act as well as an feeling. These are the levels of worship from weakest to strongest: heart (if physical action is immposiible, which is very rare as we are always trying to go up in levels) , tongue (if movement or direct actions are immpossible) and finally the act. Since we are always filling up these levels automatically as hard as we can, there is no point of your heart if you can do the action (if only in heart but action is possible then this is hypocracy). Having said all of that, satan can fill this void with all kind of things, self worship, someones worship, objects worship. But all are eternally fruitless, except for the worship of god. Because if you are a logical person you would know that god exists and therefore try to fill this void in godly worship with as much high level as you can. Zionis is coming to a halt around the middleast, it is a term being used there on the news, on the street and with families. Zionist satanist control of the earth is coming to an end, zionist strongest weapon is secrecy, and thats why its finding in the midle east because the weapon is being defeated.

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