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Default Re: Israeli Diplomat Carrying Large Quantity Of Explosives Arrested In Argentina

War in the Middle East: A Warning for Argentina
By Adrian Salbuchi *
Sep 11, 2006, 17:43

We should bear in mind that all reference to Argentina’s massive foreign debt has suspiciously disappeared from the local media, even though that enormous and unsustainable foreign public debt remain not only intact, but has grown and continues to hang as a Damocles’ Sword over our heads. Argentina’s Foreign Debt remains structurally unpayable, particularly after the latest (financially deadly) Foreign Debt Bond Mega-Swap orchestrated by president Nestor Kirchner and his former economy minister Roberto Lavagna at the beginning of 2005. This is very clearly explained in a recently published book “Problemática de la Deuda Pública Externa: I - la Deuda bajo la Administración Kirchner” [12], written by Argentine public debt specialist, Héctor Giuliano.

Additionally, we can also now better understand what really lies behind repeated incursions made by scores of so-called wandering Israeli “hippies” (mochileros, as they are called locally) throughout the Patagonia over the past decades, with the explicit purpose of surveying large parts of our territory. This matter began being reported many years ago; for example, the Buenos Aires newspaper “La Nación” reported over twenty years ago that a group of “several hundred Jewish hippy wanderers (in the province of Santa Cruz) openly stated that they were surveying the region in order to study the climate, plants and animal life, and the potential resources in the area”, clarifying that “in their view... the survey had been completed with favourable results which recommended that settlements be made”, and concluding that “we can say that El Calafate has conditions that are ten times better than what Israel had when that country was founded. Here we have gas, oil, fertile land, abundant water and a climate suitable to our needs except in winter, but even that is not a major problem”. [13]

Coincidentially, in 2001 a modern international airport was inaugurated in that same Patagonian township of El Calafate housing a runway long enough to accomodate intercontinental flights by Jumbo 747-type commercial airliners…

In a chapter in his book which has the title “The occupation of the land”, Theodor Herzl recommended Zionists that “as soon as we have secured the land, we shall send over…representatives….who will enter into possession at once. These men will have three tasks to perform: (1) an accurate, scientific investigation of all natural resources of the country; (2) the organization of a strictly centralized administration; (3) the distribution of the land.”[14]

Today, we find that in the past twenty years, enormous tracts of land in Patagonia housing estancias, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, lagoons, and enormous areas in Southern Argentina and Chile are being purchased outright by foreigners, many of whom are declared Zionists or powerful magnates aligned with Zionist interests. Such are the cases of the self-named “philanthropists” and “environmentalists” Douglas Tomkins, Ted Turner, Benetton, George Soros and Eduardo Elzstain, who are today amongst the largest landowners in Argentina.
At this point, the reader is referred to the author’s book“El Cerebro del Mundo: la cara oculta de la globalización”, the last chapter of which,“Argentina privatizada o el canje de deuda por territorio”, describes a series of posible mecanisms which may be used to seize and control in practical terms the Argentine and Chilean territories in Paragonia – even if this is not yet formally and legally achieved. [15]
Naturally, the success of this slow process of taking over this vast territory requires counting with unflinching support from local Argentine Governments, which must therefore be subordinated to these long-term policies, carrying them out from their positions of power within Government. Such were these cases of former presidents Raúl Alfonsín and Carlos Menem who did so voluntarily and knowingly; of the Civilian-Military Regime which usurped power between 1976 and 1982 and of former president Fernando De la Rua, who did so in ignorance; or of president Nestor Kirchner who does so today in order to protect and promote personal and crony interests.

Be it as it may, they will always need a “president-manager” to act as a sort of local CEO to carry out the successive stages of this highly complex engineering, geared on disolving and eventually splitting the territory of the Argentina as described above, the main axis of which runs through the 40th Parallel.

Perhaps a particularly good example of what we say can be seen in the case of the Zionist financier Eduardo Elsztain, partner in Argentina of Zionist Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros. Once again, we turn to the Buenos Aires newspaper “La Nación” which in a noteworthy full page article published in its Sunday Edition of 3rd July 2005 under the eloquent title “Eduardo Elsztain: el dueño de la tierra” (i.e., “Eduardo Elsztain: the owner of the land”[16]), described real estate business deals of IRSA, Mr. Elsztain’s holding company, and gave a detailed profile of him indicating he is a close associate of Edgar Bronfman, president of the World Jewish Congress (, a powerful supra-national pro-Zionist Jewish institution, which on its Website shows a large opening icon promoting that we should all “Support Israel”.

We should bear in mind that at the beginning of the nineties, George Soros disembarked in Argentina under the guidance of Mr. Elsztain and after “doing good business” here during the notoriously infamous decade when Carlos Menem was president, pulled out of Argentina taking u$s 500 millones in profits from our generous country. Mr. Soros has also been mentor and protegée to Domingo Cavallo whose catastrophic eight months as economy minister for former president Fernando de la Rua (March to December 2001), led to Argentina’s worst financial collapse at the end of that year. Edgar Bronfman, in turn, named Mr Elsztain treasurer of the World Jewish Congress [17].

One can see certain ominous and worrisome similarities between this process of gradual infiltration in our country over the past decades, and the process begun in Palestine in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s which led to the outright overpowering of the Palestinians in1948 and the seizure of their territory by International Zionism.

Will we be seeing some time in the not too distant future the “Palestinization of Argentina” with the ensuing enormous perils and danger of future conflict that that implies?
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