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Default Re: Elites Communicate Their Successes With Occult Symbols

Hey, silly rabbit, trig is for kicks.

Also, Alcohol and calculus don't mix: don't drink and derive.

I look at math as a way to explain relationships between one or more forces in the world. It seems likely that some spiritual forces also might manifest in a mathematical order of some kind.

I wrote a poem shortly before the 9/11 attack and later found all kinds of hidden references in the poem regarding the attack, including numerical coincidences, such as a two-line title whose lines contain 11 letters and 9 letters, respectively. This is the way the date was communicated by those involved: military time would call it 11-9-2001.
Above is one example of this.

I also believe that the date 9/11 was a matter of psychic camouflage on the part of the planners. They knew that part of the blowback would be reports of dreams and visions, so the choice of 9/11 as the date would naturally be confused with the telephone emergency number. Note: this number for emergency is used in the US, Canada, and Saudi Arabia as well as other countries remote from the US.
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