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Default Re: Elites Communicate Their Successes With Occult Symbols

This is a site you might find interesting. It has a variety of information on the occult and its connection with other events. In the past it has had info on occult date symbolism.
I note that alot of these sites perporting to show "occult" symbolism are way off the mark.

Take Bush's devils horns hand sign that every one has been bagging for years.

It COULD be his version of it or it could be the sign of Christ as used in the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. The three fingers in the middle are the trintiy and the two upright outside are the two states of

This is a different version in the Orthodox Church. I cant for the life of me find a pic of the Pope blessing in the sign of the cross with EXACTLY the same hand position of Bush. It's common knowledge.

Also, people like Jordan Maxwell with their "slam/bam" delivery on occult this and occult that...he has spread so much crap and gotton so much mixed up in these matters he needs to take a break.

Take his claim that the exxon motif of the double cross is related to some sort of satanic worship. Are the Greek, Russian and Serb Orthodox cross's ALSO satanic in origen?

Also, many look to the upside down cross above the Pope as a "sign" of his satanic origens when any half wit Catholic knows St Peter was cruciified upside down because he claimed him self not worthy to die like Christ. St Peter is the first in the line of Popes...but that does'nt stop people like Maxwell and others who claim authority in the sighting of "occult symbols" to stuff it up continuously.
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