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Default Re: George Soros Slams Terror 'War,' Compares White House to Nazis

Actually I'm more guilty of doing that than he is, and I have to admit his stuff is better than mine, the idea of a forum is not just to give your view, its also a place to gather knowledge from different sources and put that in the middle of others conciousness, whether we gain from it is happenstance, but if it is keeping us up to date with the days strange activities it does its job, if I find an interresting article, I'll post it.
Although lately I've been doing more in lounge than in the serious boards, it doesn't mean that it isn't needed, I want to see the return of many posters that have left CC that contributed to this site over and over again in the past, I can't name them, because I would no doubt forget someone that should be mentioned, but they probably left because of the so much infighting mentality that this site has become. I hope those of you that had posted in the past, who decided this site got fucked up, but still read the post, come back with your opinions.
If you come across a good article, I want you to post it, or atleast give me the link, I don't need to read it on this site, I am able to click on exterior links. :-D
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