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Bouncer wrote:
I remember that the Mayan calendar was based on an exotic counting system that naturally stopped at the 2012 (or 2011?) date; altenatively, that it stops at the date when the Sun goes precisely through the middle of the Milky Way, which is symbolic of the birth canal: the Sun is reborn for another gazillion years, or whatever.

I don't think that it's time to sell the VW and put on white robes yet, blokes.
Not Buying It...

I'm not buying the whole 2012 "rubbish" If you start to investigate the Mayan Calendar, as well as the Mayan Civilization, you'll see that the NWO wants you to believe that they were "advanced," the fact is the Mayans were Barbaric, and Satanic Occultist, deep into human sacrificing, and other demonic stuff, they did have Advanced mathematics, so were told, I doubt this, I think they're knowledge was stolen from back in the MiddleEast somewhere, perhaps Babylonia or Egypt. And most of the 2012 stuff is just fear-mongering.
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