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Default Who Controls Scientific Knowledge

The One Worlders have controlled the European schools for centuries. And likewise, the "freedom" seeking people who had immigrated to America had to be controlled. Expereience and common sense had taught them the best way to control society was by controlling their educational system. As Anthony C. Sutton explains in his excellent expose" How the Order Controls Education (1985): any group that wanted to control the future of AMerican society had first to control education i.e., the population of the ALL BEGAN AT YALE"

This was accomplished in several interlocking ways. First the take over of the Scheffield Scientific School at Yale. From this beginning the ILLUMINATI eventually controlled the science departments in all the colleges and institutions of higher learning.

"..the first step is to control the movement of the people. The mass exodus to Americas after Columbus let the cat out of the bag could not, according to the secret world controllers, happen again. The secret of existence of uncontaminated tropical lands and advanced alien civilizations INSIDE our globe must be hidden at all costs."

The One Worlders are losing their grip on the closest guarded secret in the world...our HOLLOW EARTH. Why? Because technology is beginning to "see" inside the planet, and what we are seeing is not what we've been taught. This is causing the establishment scientists to scramble to make these new findings fit the accepted theory.
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"It is my firm view that the ground work has now been prepared for a take over of this planet by those who live inside it"...
Secret of the Ages, Brinsley Le Poer Trench 1974

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