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Default Re: Was Hitler a "British" Agent?

This notion that hitler was a "good-guy" is laughable at best, Yes, he did much for his people, and he was trying to "SAVE EUROPE"
I guess that qualifies you for "good guy" status does it not? Doing much for your people and "saving Europe" from the Satanic Bolshevik hoards? At least a 5 out of 10 in the good guy scales would'nt you say?:-)

...but, this in no way takes away the FACTS of his SATANIC OCCULTIC MOVEMENT, that's right, I believe the "THIRD REICH" or whatever you term it, was a Satanic Movement in Nature...
Hitler SPURNED Himmlers infactuation with ancient Pagan German culture. He found it amusing at best. Hitler was a Luciferian Rationalist. He was like Napoleon, a beauracrat who liked to see the trains run on time. Hitler is THE perfect example of what endangers us...NOT occultic scallywags off their heads on Meth BUT men who believe in the power of their own intellects and pour scorn on childish, supernatural fetishes.

Hitler in many ways exemplified the TRUE Communist doctrine of blind faith in the material world and the 5 senses. Hitler loved Voltaire and the examples of the "age of reason". Perhaps an ancient Roman Emporer best describes Hitler without the Pagan fetishes though he enjoyed history and obviously LOVED architecture.

which "final outcome" would've left the world in worse shape than it already is.
Depends on your point of view. Not good for the Slav people but very good for the German people. He rid Germany of the money changers and worked FOR Germany as opposed to working for outside influences.

Yes, he was a ZIONIST TOOL, and there is still much to learn from that dark chapter of world history, and I intend to investigate
No, he may have started a Zionist tool but he sure incurred their wrath before the end of the war.

Hitler was a puppet raised by the same financiers of Communist Russia to counter Stalins increasing refusal to follow orders. Just as Saddam was.

Hitler was in DEEP with European Royalty through Georing and Hitler was an ABSOLOUTE anglophile who LOVED England and all it stood for. When he continued to go his own way that ended and Rudolph Hess was sent to see what the problem was.

Hitler was NO madman and NO satanist. He was a Luciferian which is a BIG difference. He worshipped "himself"...not Satan. Hitler was New Age all the way.

You say you will research more? Excellent. Barely %10 of WW2 has been told.:-)
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