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Default Re: Was Hitler a "British" Agent?

Thank You TB.....

Thanks TB for your candid and "enlightening" response, here's where I disagree, I'm not saying you actually think Hitler was "good", my point of view is from a "CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE" therefore everything that man did is JUST PLAIN SATANIC! My argument is against a INCREASING LIE being permeated throughout the NET, that HITLER was actaully a CHRISTIAN, this LIE is being told over, and over again, throughout the CONSPIRACY WORLD. Now, I'm aware that such "rubbish" is nothing new under the "NET," but does'nt it strike you as odd, that people fall for the MILLENNIA OLD AS TIME LIES Satan spews out, come on you know in the overall "scheme" of things Hitler was just part of the "GRAND OLE CONSPIRACY" of things.

For Beginining, I'm trying to find who exactly was behind the "NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS" The Rothschilds you think, or other Satanic forces?

KRISTALLNACHT (Night of Broken Glass) (November 9/10, 1938)

Demonstrations against Jews and Jewish property was widespread throughout Germany on November 9/10, 1938. On Nov.12, Heydrich reported to the Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, that 101 Jewish Synagogues had been burned down and 76 others demolished. Over 815 shops and businesses were destroyed including the huge Margraf department store on Berlin's Unter-den-Linden which was totally ransacked. This orgy of anti-Jewish violence was the result of the assassination of a German Embassy official, Ernst von Rath, in Paris by a 17-year old Polish Jew in an act of protest against the deportation of his parents from Germany. Thirty six Jews were killed and around 20,000, in particular the more wealthy Jews, arrested and transported to concentration camps. The cost of shattered glass alone throughout the Reich was estimated at six million marks. The whole cost of Kristallnacht (night of glass) had to be paid by the Jews themselves, the Nazis confiscating their insurance money and imposing a collective fine of one billion marks!

Thanks TB, I hope we can Collaborate on finding the truth.


Obvious Reasons....

Lets leave the Simon "Weasel" Center out of this for reference work. But don't disregard the above reference, that's the real deal!
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