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Default Re: Was Hitler a "British" Agent?

You're welcome.:-)

my point of view is from a "CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE" therefore everything that man did is JUST PLAIN SATANIC! My argument is against a INCREASING LIE being permeated throughout the NET, that HITLER was actaully a CHRISTIAN, this LIE is being told over, and over again, throughout the CONSPIRACY WORLD.
I did have a litle love affair with Adolph for a short while. When the bollocks of the holohoax and the continual crapola put out by the mainstream on this man got to me I did admire him.

True, from the Christian perspective he was THE perfect anti-Christ.

Hitler HATED Christianity. He writes about his hatred ALL OVER the place in books, government documents and stenographer recordings of his casual conversations.

Hitler considered Christianity a simple Judaic scam which killed off precious European Paganism and ancient Nordic culture. It's not that Hitler had any great love of the ancient world apart from his academic love of history...he used to tease and tolerate Himmler and his Pagan infactuation. Hitler was a "rationalist" in the true sense of the word. He had no time for what he saw as childish notions and grandmother tales of the supernatural. He loved the power of his intellect and in the end simple raw POWER! Just as Churchill, Rooseveldt and the powers behind them do.

Refer to Hugh Trevor Ropers great book "Hitlers Table Talk". Here a stenographer noted Hitlers casual conversations with various guests from 1942 on. VERY interesting stuff. He had some great things to say as well as some revealing things about his world view on other less nice matters.

Hitler viewed Christianity as a FORERUNNER to Communism! He liked Christ as a reformer of the corrupt Judaic Supremacists but scoffed at the notions of His deity. He accuses the Apostle Paul of simply "using" the "fanatacism" of the early Christians (ya know, the people who refused to renounce Christ and were killed. That made them fanatics) for his own ends etc... Hitler also noted that he would NOT attack the Church directly but would simply allow the faith to..."whither on the vine" meaning that he believed people would drop religion in general as they dropped their childish notions of how the world worked...they would become mature "rationalists" like him. Hitler actually rebuked Himmler at one stage for so energetically chasing the Catholic Church out of the general Army believing it best to just let it die a natural death.

Hitler was also well aware of the power of the Church. He had conversations with Mussolini where Mussolini bemoaned how the Church and the Monarchists were such a pain in the arse and depriving him of more power. They were DIRECT opponents of his rule and he had to tread wearily. (Where have we heard that term "overthrowing throne and altar" before?:-))

Anyone who believes Hitler had the SLIGHTEST time for Christ and Christians is in a dream world.

Christ came as a King and yet washed the feet of His apostles and claimed..."let he who is greatest among you be the servant".

Christ is THE direct opponent of worldly power and ambition. ALL those seeking power over others HATE Christ and they HATE Christians.

Even the most virilent Athiest must understand that it IS Christ and Christianity that protects you from the excess of mere men drunk with worldly power. These fools who bemoan Christianty as some sort of Judaic scam are fools of the most extreme order. They claim to fight for liberty and freedom while joining forces with the VERY people who wish to enslave them.

I will ALWAYS be a slave to God and His only begotton Son. I will be a slave to no mere sinful and imperfact man drunk with his own power and priveldge.

I'm sure you wont be either.:-)
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