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Default Re: Was Hitler a "British" Agent?

For Beginining, I'm trying to find who exactly was behind the "NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS" The Rothschilds you think, or other Satanic forces?
Well, David Irving has some things to say about it. It's noted that Hitler did indeed have some prior knowledge of this night and was maybe egging Goebbles on. Goebbles writes about this in his diary and some speculate he is simply trying to cover his arse. I dont know.

On the claim that Hitler was right in on the burning of the Reichstag is not so clear. Geobbels also claims in his diary that he was with Hitler that night and both he and Hitler were in shock as they drove down. Hitler also states in his stenographer notations that he believed a certain agitator to be responsible for the burning of the government building.

In the end it's hard to say. All i know is that more lies have been made against this man than ANY other human in history.

I look forward to the unravelling of WW2.:-)
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