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Default Re: Elites Communicate Their Successes With Occult Symbols

Stranger wrote:
Why are they obsessed with Tuesdays?? Every major attact was on a Tuesday. 3rd day of the week?

Rumors are a major attack happening some time during the muslim holiday starting Sept. 24th. However, there are no significant occult dates during that time which fall on a Tuesday. That's why I doubt anything will happen. 11-07-06???
Ah Tuesday.....the 'day' of Mars!
Tiw's Day is derived from Tyr or Tir, the 'god of honorable war'.

Dedicated to Mars!

Depending on the town you live in..... you will note that many businesses or certain businesses do not have long hours on Tuesday.

Also, most of the lodges and secret meeting places (some churches) have parking lots filled on Tuesday.

And here's little tid-bit of info:
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