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Default Re: What Is Evil?

alumbrado wrote:
The conflict between Hindus and Muslims is much more theological/spiritual in nature than in politics. True, both offers divine and ancient wisdoms to all but to people who embrace and follow those faiths find themselves in a spiritual and theological competition between Islam and Hinduism.
There is no difference in the innermost core essence of these two faiths. However, there is a big difference between the outer forms of Hinduism and Islam. Also, Hindus, in general, are non-violent people, as far as religious tolerance is concerned. However, the Islamic fundamentalists are not: Their policy is "Embrace Islam or get killed". This is the reason why the "Hindu Kush" really came about.

Islamic holocaust of Hindus does have a very long history, and all the other holocausts pale in comparison to it. It's rather unfortunate that it's not brought enough to light for public knowledge. In my opinion, the Hindus are also partially responsible for it, due to their pacifism, and also the misimplementation of the caste system. The caste system, during the ancient times, was based on one's characteristics and nature and had nothing to do with the family of birth. This got distorted over time and today we see a very bigoted system that is based on a person's birth. In my opinion, the "Hindu Kush" is really a retribution from God to the Hindus for distorting the caste system and inflicting a lot of pain on people considered to be "lower caste". However, Islamic fundamentalism will not go unpunished and people practicing it will also experience very severe retribution in the future.

However, I'm not against Islam. I'm only against the fundamentalist side of it, which seems to have come about because of distortion of scriptural teachings of the Koran. I know many Moslems that are wonderful people and I cherish having them as friends.

All these conflicts come about only because people have lost the keys to comprehend the core essence of their faiths. Because of this, they get stuck in the outer forms, which are mistaken to be absolute truths. Since the outer forms of different faiths seem to be mutually contradictory to each other, there are several religious wars. But a Moslem that is aligned with the Spirit will not kill anyone in the name of religion, as he would recognize the same Spirit in everyone else. Nor will he try to convert anyone, since the need to convert others drops off at these higher stages. In fact, true submission to the will of Allah comes only when one is in full alignment with the Spirit.

The same thing applies to Christians too. I know a few Christians and Catholics that are spiritually very accomplished, and I consider only such people to be qualified to teach what true Christianity is about.

The focus should be on developing a spiritual nature and getting closer to the Spirit within. That's really where even the solution for the NWO problem also lies.
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