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Default Re: Was Hitler a "British" Agent?

TB, I read with great interest your response on Hitler, and I must say, you make more sense now that you at least AGREE Hitler was Satanic, with that said, I've always trusted this gemtlemans website with respect to WW2 history.
Satanic? If that means he garbed himself in black and sat around Pentagrams with Himmler then I dont agree. You'll never see Hitler dressed in black. The SS was ALL Himmlers doing as were his Thule society connections and love of converting castles into Pagan ritual sites. Also with regards Himmler...he was demanding the planting of herb gardens in Auswitz to ensure adequate vitamin and mineral intake of the inmates.:-) Being the mad killer that he was.:-)

I dont buy the arguments that Hitler was involved with "German Death Cults". I know Italian Mafia people...does that make me Mafia? :-)

With what i've read so far I see Hitler as tolerant and amused by the views of some of those around him but not nescessarily deeply involved.

Hitler was SPECIFICALLY a "Luciferian/Rationalist". He loved the intellect of man, especially his own and worshipped the "age of reason". Hitler would fit in perfectly with todays corporate warrior, lap top in tow with an Excel Spreadsheet handy sporting a "beautiful set of numbers" to explain how the war will be won.

Hitler was a puppet of a combination of European/U.K Royalty and Banking families financing things through Wall Street and the Rockerfella's via the German/American Company "I.G Farbin". Thats English for "Community Of Interests".

It's interesting to note that ALL of the initial financing of Hitler came through I.G Farbin who had a heavy involvement with Rockefella and J.P Morgan (therefore Rothschild). Not one cent flowed from such noted German companies as Krupp and Siemens who i've read were openly hostile to Nazi ideology. At first anyway.

When we analyze what really happened to the Jews during WW2, (and I'm aware of other threads on this forum related to the HOLOHOAX) I notice that not one person has bothered to write about the ATROCITIES Jews committed after their "liberation" by the Allies, this "hidden history" is worthy of some investigation would'nt you say?
I like the guys site. Very good and a local too me to boot! I might try to get in touch with him.

I note the history of attempts on Hitlers life. He claims 19, i've read over 30. Hitler was either directly in touch with a gaurdian angel of some type (possible, Hitler had a definaite 6th sense) or I'd sware he was being protected some way...maybe through Goerings contacts with European Royalty and their contacts with just about every body including British Intelligence. It's also intersting to note Hitlers use of a 19 pound tungstan carbide "peak cap" to ward off the assassins bullet fro0m long range and from above.

Then theirs Goering. He was giving away invasion times to Belgium Royalty and generally mouthing off that Hitlers was .."always risking everything". (According to Hitlers Adjutant in a doco I saw).

I think Goering was less than loyal to Hitler. I dont buy all the "Ultra Intercepts" stuff and Enigma machine stories with British boffins riding around in gas masks to cover their hay fever while being brilliant and eccentric at the same time. If they could break Ultra so easily and decode WHOLE battle plans within 24 hours why were they having so much trouble with the German Naval Codes? Why did they go to so much effort to get their hands on one by boarding a German sub? Easy...the code books WERE at sea and Goering and his friends at the German High Command could NOT get their hands easily on one.

We note that when Manstein did his brilliant "backhand manouver" on the Russians near Kursk (this was BEFORE the famous Kursk tank battles), stopping them in their tracks and wiping them was done "locally" with no input from Hitler and the "Wolfs Lair". Therefore their was NO CHANCE for the OKW/OKH spyring to get the plans off to who had to know.

Allen Dulles (OSS - then to become CIA) was in Switzerland at this time and it was said he was in charge of the "Lucy Spy Ring" spying at the HIGHEST levels of the German High Command. Later people speculated that this was a cover for the "Ultra Intercepts" and Enigma code breaking. I say it was a REAL spyring run perhaps through General Canaris with involvment from Goering. This is how the German Land Army was defeated and why the Allies had SO MUCH trouble getting at German naval codes. They did'nt have anyone spying their for them! Only later with the development of narrow band radar that could pick up U-Boat peroscopes and increased long range air patrolling were the German Wolf Packs subdued.

David Irving states this is unlikely as there is NO document where someone states that they believe someone is spying at the highest levels of the German armed forces. I find that a little nieve.:-) Given the huge number of assassination attempts, the prevelance of "Prussian Freemasonry" and Goerings well known treason and Royalty connections...why is it so hard to believe? The British are renoun for their subterfuge and European connections so whats the problem?:-)
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