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Default Re: New Jerusalem: Hens need Roosters.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:'s a well known fact that fat lazy Westerners dont want to breed. The women are afraid their vagina's will get loose and they'll be covered in stretch marks and their arses will increase in size. The men dont want to spend money for a new plasma t.v on a wasteful and ungrateful child.

Meanwhile Islam continues to remain true to it's traditions and culture and is quite sure it can outbreed the "alledged" Christian West...taking over by stealth.

Our esteemed Treasurer (Peter Costello) no doubt with approval by the P.M has approved $5000 cash payouts to get the women to breed. It's working apparently.

Strangely it's also led to druggie mothers getting pregnant to collect the bonus. They then kill the child by smothering it and alledging they "went to sleep" on the same bed for 14 hours and rolled onto said infant unintentionally. Link. This women is now pregnant again. It's all good...the heroin dealers are happy and another innocent will be an angel soon as no one can do anything about this woman.

Yeh, $5000 smackeroo's...sometimes wish I was a woman. Imagine what it's like when you'r a single mum with 3 kids getting $500 a week and a bonus to boot! Still, i'd rather tax payers dollars went to single mothers than heroin/tax evading Australian business men.:-)Link.
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