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Default Re: Was Hitler a "British" Agent?

truebeliever wrote:

Satanic? If that means he garbed himself in black and sat around Pentagrams with Himmler then I dont agree. You'll never see Hitler dressed in black. The SS was ALL Himmlers doing as were his Thule society connections and love of converting castles into Pagan ritual sites. Also with regards Himmler...he was demanding the planting of herb gardens in Auswitz to ensure adequate vitamin and mineral intake of the inmates.:-) Being the mad killer that he was.:-)

I dont buy the arguments that Hitler was involved with "German Death Cults". I know Italian Mafia people...does that make me Mafia? :-)

Hitler was SPECIFICALLY a "Luciferian/Rationalist". He loved the intellect of man, especially his own and worshipped the "age of reason". Hitler would fit in perfectly with todays corporate warrior, lap top in tow with an Excel Spreadsheet handy sporting a "beautiful set of numbers" to explain how the war will be won.

When we analyze what really happened to the Jews during WW2, (and I'm aware of other threads on this forum related to the HOLOHOAX) I notice that not one person has bothered to write about the ATROCITIES Jews committed after their "liberation" by the Allies, this "hidden history" is worthy of some investigation would'nt you say?
I like the guys site. Very good and a local too me to boot! I might try to get in touch with him.

I note the history of attempts on Hitlers life. He claims 19, i've read over 30. Hitler was either directly in touch with a gaurdian angel of some type (possible, Hitler had a definaite 6th sense) or I'd sware he was being protected

You know TB, I think my "Lens of History" is way different than yours, I simply look at things purely from a BIBLICAL perspective, for example. with all that's going on in the world today, I view purely that what I see is nothing more than the Bible being "layed out" before my eyes, thus, all the SATANIC players of the ILLUMINATI, if you want to call them that, are simply doing as they're told to do (or else!) I know that alot of these ILLUMINIST lackeys from reading real history books, will simply be EXECUTED on the spot. Edward Gibbons MONUMENTAL Book I believe its called the History of the World,( I'm sure that's the wrong title of the book) But he lays out what is basically COMMON SENSE in these matters, and that is that SATANIC PEOPLE are carrying out the last days plan as they want it proceed.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to put a good face on this Hitler character, and that's your right, I simply see the man as a satanic brainwashed fool! nothing more nothing less.

Every website on HITLER seems to confirm my beliefs, I realize the "lamestream media" is utterly RUBBISH, but come on the NET seems to verify my feelings on the man, as well as BILLIONS of other folk. can the NET be wrong?

P.S. By the way TB, you realize even the great DR. Makow confirms that Hitler was Satanic, I simply don't understand your "rationalization" of Hitler being a LUCEFERIAN RATIONALIST please explain the difference? (if you already did'nt already) THX.

Hitlers Satanism...
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