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Default Re: WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR...and did I mention...WAR!

It's normal to vacillate betwwen optimism and pessimism.

I have no sole claims to the truth.

I know alot about the military, it's capabilities and it's foibles.

I know alot about power.

I am also careful not to tilt at windmills...Goerge Bush is human. So is Lord Rothschild.

God works in mysterious ways.

The human spirit can never be crushed...NEVER.

They know this. They had a go. They lost.

Thank God for the internet. Without it they could have easily pulled it off.

If we must ask things like..."why does'nt God do something"? God did. He gave the human race the internet.

Though not out of the woods yet I have a sneaking suspicion they will be winding down the NWO program.

Here in Oz there are obvious signs of a backlash to the U.N, banking and social interference by Elites. I hope it's true in other countries.

It may take 100 years to totally usher in a stable and prosperous planet for all.

It wont happen overnight but it will happen.

All around ne I see people waking up.

One way they like to control is to make you feel alone. Believe me you ar'nt.

It's normal to feel discouraged. You're probably watching the mainstream press which is only going to give you what they want to hear and even some progressive web sites seem to be getting their rocks off talking about Bush and his endless war machine.

In the end do you believe in God? Do you believe that deep inside their is something that at times seems to push you in the right direction?

Whatever transpires these next few years, those that truly have faith will be protected. Those that are willing to wait for, and listen for signs will heed them.

Thanks Mad...i forgot about that simple line from the bible. Never truer than right now.

Whatever goes on. We will only see the end of a way of life, not the end of it.

I have utter and total faith the human race is waking up...thats why they started this in the first place.

Dont feel guilty about enjoying yourself. Even in troubled times. The answers will come. The helper will come.

Genuine best to all.
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