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Default Re: Was Hitler a "British" Agent?

You know TB, I think my "Lens of History" is way different than yours, I simply look at things purely from a BIBLICAL perspective, for example. with all that's going on in the world today, I view purely that what I see is nothing more than the Bible being "layed out" before my eyes, thus, all the SATANIC players of the ILLUMINATI, if you want to call them that, are simply doing as they're told to do (or else!)
We are simply defining terms. I consider someone "Satanic" when they worship Satan. A Satanist BELIEVES in God AND SATAN and simply picks Satan. It's really that simple.

A "Luciferian" is quite different. I could not give you a definate term but Luciferians believe mostly in their own intellect and concepts such as the "age of reason". They deny absoloutly anything not within the range of the 5 senses. They deny "feeling" and would rather play their Playstation than relate to other human beings. They have a love of technology and above all POWER! Hitler was not about to worship Satan who he would consider a threat to his own personal power.

You can say the whole NWO thing is satanic and you are right. It is the desire of Satan to rule the Earth without Gods presence. A pretty silly thing to do when you think about it.:-) Even for satan.

But a Luciferian does'nt believe in God OR Satan...again, he worships himself and to be honest that includes Hitler and just about EVERYONE I know.:-)

Just because Hitler fits the "Luciferian" description well does'nt mean he fits it perfectly. He used to say after all, according to insiders around him..."I am basing my religion on Parsifal. Only when a man takes on the mantle of hero can he do the will of God". Hitler actually mentions God alot...i'm just not sure which one?:-)

If Hitler was openly Satanic then we would see alot of mindless destruction by him and pentagrams. Before you laugh, remember it was the allied bombing campaign that laid waste to Germany and extended the war for 5 long years. Hitler used destruction for specific aims and then stopped. Hitler was a lover of architecture and art (NOT expressionist art) and was well versed in ancient history and religion.

Are you going to say then that this man was an open Satanist? By any definition he was your typical beauracrat and numbers man with a vision for Germany which included the whithering of Christianity and the worship of reason over blind faith. Hitler was not about to start worshipping "Wotan" the ancient German version of the greek God Mars...Hitler worshipped himself and his own will. Consider this well known statement by Hitler to his generals shortyly after the French campaign and I beleieve just before the invasion of the Soviet Union..."[paraphrasing] the final nail is my own will. Without my person it will all fail". Meaning he believed himself TOTALLY irraplaceable.

I might also add that Hitler was ACTUALLY worshipped by many Germans meaning they actually prayed TO him, NOT for him. Hitler was like Pharoe..a virtual God on earth and NOT someone worshipping the "evil one"...catch my drift?

Note also the Scribes and Pharisees who make the Laws of God "of none effect". They too want to worship reason. They too want to be little gods on earth making laws up from the Rothschild built Supreme Court in Jerusalem.

Their is a big difference between wanton destruction like the Bolsheviks and the desire for "fine art and culture" mimiking ancient greece and Rome where ONE MAN can become Emporer or perhaps head of a powerful central government?

I dont fear satanists. I fear Luciferian/Rationalists who consider themselves above ANYTHING but their own intellects which can come up with all sorts of brilliant ways to bring a utopian paradise on earth no matter the cost. The end justifies the means and if a luciferian like Robert McNamara has to plan a bombing campaign in East Asia that will leave 3 million Vietnamese dead then so be it.

Does this man look like the devil incarnate?

Watch "The Fog Of War". In this doco McNamara details his role in the implimintation and planning of the firebombing to death of 1 million Japanses civilians. Then he details his role in the bombing to death of a further 2-3 million Vietnamese civilians. Lets also remember his role along with General Limnitzer in the firebombing of Germany that sent 600,000 German civilians to their deaths.

Do you think this man rapes little children over pentagrams chanting praises to the evil one? Gauranteed some do, but people like this who have the blood of MILLIONS on their hands will not be found in pagan castles hanging out with former chook farmers like Heinrich Himmler.

I meet luciferian rationalists ALL THE TIME...the father who ignores his childrens needs because he wants to watch the footy. The man who ignores his wife and complains of her "emotions". The man who will sacrifice love for monetary reward and a promotion. The list goes on.:-)

Hitler was a man to be admired in small measure for standing up to the dominant power of the day..."Political Zionism". It's still with us stronger than ever. Only adherence to the Christian faith and the Commandments of Christ will save us and prevent us from falling so far from Grace we end up becoming agents of evil rather than peace. :-)
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