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Default Re: The untold WTC Pyramid Sacrifice

IgnIsntBliss wrote:

Human and animal sacrificing rituals have been being performed at pyramids across the globe, all throughout history. Killings and mass murders have taken place at the steps, on the steps and even inside pyramids for thousands of years. Many have mass graves in their surrounding areas. Most historic human sacrifices were to appease or please deities, but in modern times it has mostly been used for personal empowerment (black magic), even on the scale of thousands with the entire world watching blindly. In the future we face the ultimate pyramid/human-sacrifice: all of humanity, to complete the "unfinished pyramid".

This is a huge post containing tons of images and all new analysis, see the rest here: ogID=99919166&Mytoken=92958BDC-1533-130A-

Actually, the main reason for human sacrifices was/is not for just pleasing the deity, or for our self empowerment...but, it was to give 'more power to their god'. So many today have chosen Satan to be their god - therefore, they give (frequently) human sacrifices for the deity to receive all this power stuff!

What cracks me up is: what human has the right to 'give' any human up as sacrifice?! We as humans do not own/possess anyone!

Every human and other living thing belongs to the one creative source/being (as you will).

What do these idiot humans offering the sacrifice not get?

They think they are sending power to Satan, but in reality they just might be sending themselves to a real hell.

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