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Default Re: NWO Scenario

It's funny Draken but the instant I hit the 'enter' key after writing that i had some doubts about NO rift.

I have noted in the media here in Australia short snippets which point towards alot of tension between the Howard government and the NWO adherents.

He's threatened the Reserve Bank not to raise interest rates (unheard of! Back before the election) in quite a nasty tone. I've heard from sources there is a great deal of tension between the government and the banking elite.

2 of Howards immediate deputies are devout Catholics or Christians. Tony Abbot, John Anderson and quite a few others in the back bench. Howard himself is quite religious.

The Treasurer, Peter Costello, is Brother to the highly respected Religious Minister Tim Costello who voices regularly his dislike of the NWO manifestations.

Couple it with his extreme 'suck holing' to Bush and who knows? Maybe there is an honest to God rift?

If there is, I suspect the middle managers of the world are having a tif.

I suspect the CEO's are quietly gathering around the Chesterfield leather lounges, cognac in hand debating the next step. Possibly including keeping the appearence of a rift going to cancel out a true opposition.

Only time will tell.
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