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Default Re: The untold WTC Pyramid Sacrifice


Actually, the main reason for human sacrifices was/is not for just pleasing the deity, or for our self empowerment...but, it was to give 'more power to their god'. So many today have chosen Satan to be their god - therefore, they give (frequently) human sacrifices for the deity to receive all this power stuff!

What cracks me up is: what human has the right to 'give' any human up as sacrifice?! We as humans do not own/possess anyone!

Every human and other living thing belongs to the one creative source/being (as you will).

What do these idiot humans offering the sacrifice not get?

They think they are sending power to Satan, but in reality they just might be sending themselves to a real hell.

Try explaining that to the actual SATANIST of this Wicked World, I firmly believe the info Ignorance is'nt Bliss provided, common sense shows that the ILLUMINIST of this world do in fact get some ESOTERIC POWER from the MASSACRES they are behind. :-o
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