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Default Re: NWO The Method Used At The Present time! Marxism or Ultra Capitalist Corp Monopoly Domination!?


Oh hello tripper. This is an old thread i have no idea why you decided to revive it!.

They are most defininately in agreement not just here in Australia but also globally i believe we have neo corporatism on a global scale. info about all varities corporatism is here: and just for Nth american posters this link:
it is fascist ideology definiately not leftwing anyone thats thinks its otherwise is a petty rightwinger with rocks in their head.

100 years ago in America Socialism/Communism did'nt exist, thus there was more freedom and Independence, The 1913 Jewish Federal Reserve Act changed all that, and as they say THE REST IS HISTORY! :-?
So are you trying to tell me the jews(i pefer term illuminati like makow) are not running the US right now!
I Was Bored....

Thx OzzieCynic for the reply, Of course Jewry runs and control things here in America, that's why I mentioned the (Jewish Federal Reserve)as far as the term Conservative, your right it's not been used in honesty since the JEWS despise this type of IDEOLOGY, again, CONSERVATISM has never been given a honest chance to thrive in modern societies.

WHY? because the OLIGARCHY sees that form of goverment as being less controlled, and as such a (threat) to their power, and with conservatism comes more PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, I fail to see how you think that's RIGHT WING RHETORIC. I'm not saying Conservatism is humanities answer to all problems, but look at the FACTS, LIBERALISM, SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, has been a udder disaster for the human race. IMO :lol:

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