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Default Would you consider your neighborhood ignorant of the NWO agenda?

Around my neighborhood I have been trying to tell my freinds about what is happening to the country and world in general, I've given them dvds and other materials to try to get them to realize nothing is as it seems, but so far after a couple of years of this, I still can't say one of them has woke up, they continue to live hand to mouth day to day existances, more concerned with their nascar races, football games including fastasy football, and other zero thinking endeavers, I've finally have given up trying to awake what I consider zombies.
With meager means I have stored food, water, supplimental electricity, gun and ammo, but would like to find others locally that share my beliefs, but on this front also, it seems that no one gives a damn.
Do you see the same type of people in your region?

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