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Default Re: Would you consider your neighborhood ignorant of the NWO agenda?

nohope187 wrote:
Yeah, that's an affirmative. They're all too busy with their bread and circuses consumer bullshit. I find it extremely rare would I to ever meet someone in person who's receptive to what's happenning. While not impossible, the odds I'm lookin at is one in a million. :roll: int:

Ther'es plenty of people out there who are aware of the NWO, it's just a matter of NETWORKING with the "RIGHT" type of people, I personally gave up on getting friendly with anyone outside my own family, The World is just that screwed up, You really can't say what you really feel to people cause they might report you to the authorities as a RAVING LUNATIC! (so why bother?) :-? (kind of reminds me of the old soviet union) but these things were all predicted thousands of years ago.
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