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Default Re: The sky is REALLY falling

Hey Vlad...if their is no NWO...then my psychiatrist was right!

Ha ha ha...

no but seriously...there is and there is'nt.

I think we give this loose affiliation of twats to much power.

John Raulston Saul writes that he wished there was a tightly run conspiricy then he'd breath a sigh of relief. Anythings better than the bunch of idiots running from one crisis to the next in his view.

I like what congressman Ron Paul says. It's basically a philosophical point of view for most of them.

A world government where basically a benevolent tyrant would run things and make the planet hum along nicely. Plato's Philosopher Kings. A Business, Financial and Intellectual Elite with a peasant mass of followers happy to let someone else run their life for them.

Unfortunately the evoloution of human consciousness demands that individuals run their own lives.

The days of doing what Mum & Dad or what Lord Rothschild tells you are over.

You are going to have to have a personal relationship with God and carry what you have inherited of the Universe specifically & consciously.

Drifting along paying the bills and buying gadgets along the way is over.

Deeply reflecting on ones existent and specifically ones place in the Universe is now a requirement resisted by most. Hence Prozac and so many other societal ills.

The NWO is an unconscious attempt by Intellectually dominent people to stave off the impending doom of realising their is in fact a God who demands a little attention and some respect.

Though %90 of the dominent class who love the NWO idea are basically decent (i said basically) there is a hard core fundmentalist group filled with cynicism and hatred for the common people and their simple lives.

They are extremely dangerous.

Thinking themselve above the common man they will sink far beneath him in the end and become the beast they despise with even more dier consequences than WW2...just more efficient.

Even with all that...i'm optimistic.
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