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When the PC first entered most of our lives, it was thought to reduce the amount of paper wasted by storing information on disk alone. This proved untrue and we went on a steady upward pace in terms of the demolition of our rainforests and our paper consumption. With the dawn of the internet came the birth of the virtual world and we ALL got sucked in. It was thought to increase communication many times over. What were once handwritten letters and cards were now in your virtual inboxes in the form of email and those annoying electronic greetings that you send even though you'd never ever want to receive one. Years later, the world does seem much smaller and communications do seem to be on the rise. Virtually, they are. I'll lose some of you on this, but we are no longer communicating... truly. In order to communicate, we must exchange but not artificially. A phone call is NOT true communication. It isn't even your voice on the other end of the call that is transmitted, but the phone's interpretation of your voice which resembles it just enough to barely recognize someone's voice. The quality of phones is plain horrible, and not just cell. So human communication has now been reduced to an electronic signal. Why even bother to call when you can just communicate through email? So even the already degraded phone calls are not as frequent as they once were. Your mailbox no longer contains letters from anyone. It's there in case anyone ever does write to you but really holds all of your bills and credit card offers and statements. We no longer have a sense of community. News is no longer focused on local events because we have instant communications to the entire world 24-7 via the internet. We cannot think locally anymore because we are now a global society. Can you remember the last time you wrote an actual letter to someone? It just isn't happening anymore. It used to be that handwriting was a form of communication and a form of art. Just look at the Declaration of Independence. What was thought to be a heightened form of communication was now the loss of an entire form of just that as well as the loss of an art. People just aren't writing anymore. I hardly ever write checks even. No need. Billpay. I'm thinking a couple generations from now. This part is crucial. We are completely detached from nature. More communications in this place means more chances for war. The internet is an invalueable tool. The truth is that our freedom of virtual expression supplies a lot of information about you. There is no anonymity on the web. If you look into it, you will see that it is true. The internet is a former military communications system. They handed it over. Look at what it did to the economy. It was the key tool for this quickening that is currently underway. Did you know that Al Qaeda relies solely on internet communications?

Consider the source.

"For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk"

"It doesn't have to be like this. All we need to do is make sure we keep talking"
--Stephen Hawking

Now turn off your machine and go write some letters. Better yet, go visit.
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