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Default World Human Population-numbers Conspiracy?

After reading so many articles
over the last several years
about declining birth-rates of humans
in so many countries, the question
occurred to me, "Could the human
population of the world actually
be decreasing rather than increasing
as we are told by establishment sources."

Birth rates are below replacement levels
in many countries now.

Would the kind of people who seek
world domination actually lie to us
and tell us that world population is growing,
at the same time they were actually reducing numbers?

Then I see Bill Gates types wanting
to innoculate large numbers
of people in Africa with vaccines.
Maybe this is really just to kill them off or make
them sterile? Funny thing
that maybe this is not Bill Gates'
money at all and maybe he
was ordered by his handlers
to do this. I think I read
on this site that the ones who get knighted
by the Queen means a job well done
for the Satanic Elite.
"Now resign from Microsoft or we'll send
the Justice Department harder after you
with possible jail time. Make space
for our new CEO, the pretend-jew Balmer.

I hear people
are "seeded" by the paper-money
"tens-of-trillionaires"" to front
in various industries around the world.
In other words Gates and Buffet types
are financial buffoons/puppets fronting
for "tens-of-trillionsaires" and were ordered to give a billion or so to the UN or
some other organisation.
Now that British Branson guy too
was just ordered to do the same.

Would the kind of people
who would orchestrate a mass murder like 911
be capable of stepping up the
culling of population
numbers by say, planning
a mass starvation campaign in your city? Give
this just a little thought
and you will see how vulnerable we all are.
Apparently it's happened before
in other places, such as Ukraine I think.

HI Virus is a total scam. Harmless "virus",
but maybe their goal is to innocualte every
male human they want to with a killer vaccine
which is actually what gives a person "AIDS."

Could they poison the food supply somehow?
Maybe beef and chicken scares are just a test run
for a much larger program to starve people.

Also how do they know a Pandemic is coming?

Is the whole "NWO" operation being run out
of London? The Thai leader who was
overthrown was in New York
when the coup occurred. He then flew
immediately to London. To thank
his handlers for not assassinating
him and to ask them how he
should behave now??? The handlers
probably told him that their media
was on top of the situation - they would
show pictures of children sitting on armed tanks so the world would know the coup was a good thing to happen and the Thai's are happy about this coup.

I've never been to London, but
I envision something like this
as the apex of organisation:
Fifty buildings each with 20 floors.
That's 1000 floors. A floor
per country and a floor per industry.
They send out their marching orders
each day around the world. You can
play with the numbers, structure and idea
a bit here, but is something like
this out of the question?

...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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