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Default Re: Who Controls Scientific Knowledge

It seems like even AIDS is curable. And according to a first-hand source that I consider to be reliable, AIDS does NOT come from African monkeys. It was created in a lab in USA and then infused into African monkeys, as well as people.

From this observation it seems obvious that depopulation of Africa is a part of the illuminist agenda. I wonder what's next.

As far as hollow earth is concerned, there does seem to be mention of "nether civilizations" in the Puranas, with several accounts of "earthly" princes falling in love with "nether" princesses and getting married to them. So I wouldn't dismiss the hollow earth theory blindly as a hoax. Perhaps the main question is whether the hollow earth is a part of this physical plane that we are in, or in some other dimension that we need to enter through some "stargate".

Admiral Richard Byrd does have accounts of his journey into hollow earth. The following link has some interesting information:

But even this does not seem to answer the question of whether the earth is hollow. Perhaps the north pole region has some kind of a "stargate" that transports the traveller into another dimension.

Anyway, it's just a food for thought
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