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Default Re: "My Name Is TB And I Am A Recovering Zionist Denier"

Yes, it is like wo wo. I think TB stands for Teddy Belsenbugen the notorious shoe lacer from Upper Crowden near Lower Crowden in Essex. If so he should definitely be ignored for his ignorance of Latin Rumba classics of which I have none. The Pope, The Pope am I clear on this or is the fog of disharmony creeping from the river and over the hill to Grandmama's house. Let us all lend an ear to the psychic call of Freud as he whistles up a storm. On a less serious matter, "The Larch". Oh, England what did you do to Dianna. I still believe I am a Monarch Butterfly about to hatch when the CIA said See you Later and they were gone? Can you spare a para dimes Senior or has fiesta started in old Spokane? Spoken like a wise man of yore. Hurray, Hurray for Captain Spalding and his Little Women Louisa May Alcott. It is like peanut and then you go wo wo, you know like yellow and then dark?
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