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rushdoony wrote:
Did you know that Al Qaeda relies solely on internet communications?
There is no Al Qaeda.See:

This is what they want you to believe so they can
also restrict and control the internet.

It was not Al Qaeda that brought down the
WTC towers. It was the Zionist
International Network of Criminals
( Z.I.N.C ; formerly K.A.O.S. )
I understand your point.

Al-Qaeda or Al-Qaida (Arabic: القاعدة‎ ​, translit: al-Qā`idah; "the foundation", "the base" or "the database"
The US Department of Defense unclassified definition of "Al Qaeda":

"Al Qaeda is a radical Sunni Muslim umbrella organization established to recruit young Muslims into the Afghani Mujahideen and is aimed to establish Islamist states throughout the world, overthrow ‘un-Islamic regimes’, expel US soldiers and Western influence from the Gulf, and capture Jerusalem as a Muslim city."
How much of your own "stuff" is STILL on the internet from when it was first uploaded in 1996?
How much will there be in 2016?

The government has always controlled the internet.

In as early as 1996, the website was shut down... oddly enough by the Scientologists but of course with government support:

"The Penet remailer ( was a pseudonymous remailer (type 0) operated by Johan "Julf" Helsingius of Finland from 1993 to 1996. Its initial creation stemmed from an argument in a Finnish newsgroup over whether people should be required to tie their real name to their online communications. Julf believed that people should not — indeed, could not — be required to do so. In his own words: "Some people from a university network really argued about if everybody should put their proper name on the messages and everybody should be accountable, so you could actually verify that it is the person who is sending the messages. And I kept arguing that the Internet just doesn't work that way, and if somebody actually tries to enforce that, the Internet will always find a solution around it. And just to prove my point, I spent two days or something cooking up the first version of the server, just to prove a point."


Government orders spoof site shut

Indymedia Official Statement

Websites Shut Down by US Government:

When the government isn't ordering sites to shut down or remove content from the web they're studying it. The IAO/TIA for example:

"Genisys aimed at developing technologies for virtual data aggregation in order to support effective analysis across heterogeneous databases as well as unstructured public data sources, such as the World Wide Web."

"Scalable Social Network Analysis aimed at developing techniques based on social network analysis for modeling the key characteristics of terrorist groups and discriminating these groups from other types of societal groups."

None of this text will be publically available ten years from now.
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