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Default in the end I find myself alone...

This forum is a link to our insight, and although many post have worked well to bring us intelligent thinking, it has also been very divisive spreading us apart.
As I said before I put myself on the line, they know my name they know my location, they most likely know my fears, but I am still out front, I will not get tired of destroying their foundation, and you should feel the same.
This site needs a declaration stating that if your not willing to bring down a truely evil government, you should not apply for membership.
I have tried to bring in new members in the past to build this consenus, and many I invited probably tried to divert the message above, for this I'm sorry, but if only a few joined with a true belief in destroying the evil that surrounds us, I feel some comfort.
I've been also a drunken and extremely high person, that if this was my site, I would most likely ban my ass, but this site, although with faults, has only banned truely obnoxious people, I hope I can explain myself next time I really get obnoxious.
With that, I believe that those of higher standing, those who post pertinant thoughts and still never screwed up with antics I am guilty of should now be considered monitors of this site, they should be contacted and asked to regulate this site.
I've only had a few problems with a few people over my time here, and I'm sure I get on others nerves at times, I say we take time to acknowledge those who you would trust to keep this board directed in a most proficient way.
Excuse the spelling, I'm tired although not drunk or high.

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