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Default Re: "My Name Is TB And I Am A Recovering Zionist Denier"

Also, we should not forget
about all the non-jewish population
who actually carry out the evil deeds
for those at the top
of The Hierarchy of Evil.

The excuse they use is:
- I was only following orders, and
- I need to put food on the family table.

Here's just one example.
A man or woman in a uniform
( Blue Gun Thug ), upon seeing
an adult smoke a plant that God made,
may assault you, then kidnap you,
then throw you in a cage.

For these crimes it is the police that should
be punished for committing evil acts.

The Blue Gun Thugs do it for money;
a paycheck.

I bet you in Australia alone there
are several million people carrying
out evil deeds for the leaders
of The Hierarchy of Evil.

TaxCollectors, PillGivers,
FeministJudges, PoliceThugs,
SchoolIndoctrinators, SoldierGangs,
etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
Agreed RUSH. But we REALLY need to point out this particular aspect of it all...namely it IS the aspect of it all.

A 3000 year old cult lost it's way after the Ark of the Covenant dissapeared from the temple of Solomon. From their Moses was slowly left to rot and the law of God became one of "none effect". God popped in to set things straight and led by an example we can only marvel at...and mimmick poorly.

I know who the enemy is now and I hope human beings who profess membership of this cult do... "a Makow" and a "Freedman" and renounce this evil cult that has been willing to wait 3000 years to bring on world domination.

Will it all end with the passing of the "Jewish Conspiracy"? No. But the crims will be small time and easily handled.

In the end it just gets down to the ordinary human simply finding it to hard to believe that a cult could hang together this long for such a seemingly crazy goal. To rule the world. :-) My fellow Australians would give up the first fine day of summer and go surfing or fishing. God Bless my fat lazy slob fellow Australians.

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