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Default Re: in the end I find myself alone...

In my opinion its not about destroying evil, cause we cannot destroy evil
We can transform it into a third way beyond "good" and "evil". Tears and true penetance do this. "Pride" is the ULTIMATE evil and the door through which Satan enters. Tears and suffering cure all these things.

we should use evil instead to improve our lifes in the manner of being humble enough to understand the lessons of evil.
Agreed. Evil only prospers because individuals want to stay innocent. You cannot return to the Garden Of Eden but after much suffering we will have the Heavenly Jerusalem.

to finally accept evil as part of our planetary evolution. God is evil and good!
NO! This is a big mistake and the ESSENCE of the New Age movement. I found it EXTREMELY difficult to relate to God in the sense of a "wise old man" figure who had moral and ethical standards. However, since I have been led down this path my life just gets better and better. God is DEFINATELY a force that has definate moral and ethical standards. It seems when we genuinely align ourselves with this amazing things happen and time and again we are brought humbly to the table in amazement.

Jungians would call this simple "synchronicity". I just prefer to call it humbling myself to the will of God.

BTW...Jung would never enter an argument into God existing "out their". He considered it a metaphysical argument that went nowhere. But he did fully acknowledge that their was an "image" of God that existed in the human psyche that was changing, down through the eons. That image for a modern Westerner is Christian for me. Undoubtably. This is why Christianity is THE fastest growing religion throught the modernizing world from China to Africa.

We should try to be the change we want to see in the world... act individually in a better way... so we are forming a part of the positive change in the world...

I think that is what TLH is going through. Acknowledging his "shadow" as it were and retrieving it and owning it. Thats one less for Satan.:-)

Best wishes from Australia.
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