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Default Re: The Age of Aquarius: Bush's most hated Conspiracy Theory and Supreme Nightmare

SeC wrote:
Paranoia this, paranoia that... my friends...the biggest of all fears the Bush Cabal suffers:

THE AGE OF AQUARIUS - the archenemy, the supreme nightmare and deadly struggle for their very survival, but hey, how would you feel when your most hated conspiracy theory turns into reality?

Can you elaborate on that? G.Bush, and the cabals biggest fear is Death! That's right Death, The "Ruling Elite" fear no man-made Religions or New Age concepts of "AWAKENINGS."

They fear the afterlife, their twisted Satanic ancient belief system is one of bringing the "Light Bearer" to the world, to glorify his KINGDOM, of course anyone with a small modicum of Biblical Knowledge and knowledge of New-Age beliefs can verify this. You, my friend, I'm afraid are being lied to, New Ageism gets its roots in Ancient Babylonian Religous systems, as well as other OLD-WORLD OCCULTISM, nothing is new under the Sun, the same World-Wide Occultism is being practised by the ruling WORLD ELITE as it always has been, only now the OCCULTIST brazenly no longer fear the general population because they now know the "Time of the Light Bearer" draws near. Truly these twisted psychopaths actually think there doing humanity a favor, that's how INSANE their minds are. :-?

Just my humble opinion.
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