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Default Re: Israel Prepares For War With Iran.

truebeliever wrote:

World's most advanced fighter jet currently only in US hands. After House of Representatives lifts ban on its sale

The United States may supply Israel with the most advanced stealth fighter jet in the world – the F22 Raptor – considering the war in Lebanon and the Iranian threat, the Israeli security establishment has assessed.

The US has not yet exported the F22 to any of its allies. Recently, however, the House of Representatives lifted its nine year ban on the sale of the advanced jet outside the United States. No real contacts have yet been made on the matter, but the lifting of the ban on its sale has paved the way for such a deal.

US officials have apparently hinted to Israel lately that as part of American efforts in the international war on the “axis of evil,” the US would offer Israel to buy the stealth fighter.

The single-seater plane is armed mainly with air-to-air missiles, but also with the smart missiles used by the Israeli Air Force.

“The threat is on the whole world, and Washington understands that a solution must be found – and fast,” one of the sources said.
Well, I surmise that if the U.S. of Israel goes along with the "plan" then it would take at least 2-3 years for the Israeloids to master the War-fighter abilities in combat. Now this time frame gives us PEONS enough time to gather ourselves for the "End Times" this means we should all prepare for survival. Now, keep in mind the AURORA and perhaps other Aircraft wait in the wings for combat duty.
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