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Default Re: We need to unite

We need to unite??????????? And how are we going to do that? The truth is that we don't need to do any sort of formal uniting, as in a formal organization. That would only become infiltrated and co-opted anyways.

When I was living in California, and Comrade Pete Wilson(then Governor, an alledged "conservative" and a Republican) boosted the sales tax to some terrible new high. There was a rally that turned out at the Federal Building in Westwood. It was amazing, the number of people that turned out. I tried to put something together back then, two years earlier in 1989 (the time frame I am speaking of here is 1991) and I had trouble getting a few dozen people to turn out. When I put my thing together in 89, some petitioners turned up to take advantage. They were attempting to turn my phuq the income tax rally into a referendum for term limits. In 1991, when thousands turned out to say phuq comrade Pete Wilson and phuq his sales tax increase, the petitioners turned up again. This time they were pitching "end the federal income tax" and were circulating a petition, which had nothing to do with ending ANY tax, but, rather had to do with a petition FOR a NATIONAL SALES TAX. Now thats something that Im sure politicians can get behind. Of course, there are always people with big bux paying the petitioners, today's political equivalent of the Hessian mercenaries who fought with the Redcoats.

Phuq formally uniting. The trick is to fight the war of the flea. United, we would be nothing more than a poodle attempting to take on a big mean German Shepard. But how well would the German Shepard do while being bitten simultaniously by a few hundred thousand fleas?

The only "uniting" that really needs to happen is in sharing information, especially with respect to finding enemy areas of weakness. When a pressure point is found, pressure should be applied unmercifully.

One such issue is social security and entitlements. Personally, I don't believe that govt. should be involved in any of that, period. But, the fact is that they are. And part of the NWO plan is the merger of social security systems. Just as the Citizens of the then 48 States had their Citizenship effectively federalized via social security, if they participated (vast majority did then and still do, most believe that participation is mandatory)
the next move will be to internationalize citizenship via merged socialist slavestate entitlement programs. In the meantime, I doubt that anyone here approaching retirement wants to hear about his social security taxes being used to pay for Pedro in Paraguay. I believe that this issue can be used and is a possible pressure point. There are lots of others as well.

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