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Default Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?


I think, and I could be wrong....

Numerology is based on every leter of the alphabet being asigned a numerical value and every number being a signed a meaning.

They add up the sum of the numbers, being derived from the letters and that end number is then divided into singular separate digits and those numbers add up together, and so on if warranted.

The people who play with the dark side of spirituality, and their are a lot of them, place there faith in this rediculous idea and their will, and they think that makes it so.

There is a certain bizarre logic to it, I suppose. I.E. Crowley dude preached, "Let thy will be the whole of the law".

Translation.... anything goes. Not in front of the kids and certainly not with the kids. Satanism in a nutshell. I digress.

This is a mathematical formula for assigning numerical value to letters and deriving a new numerical value when assessing a group of letters - a word, and therefore deriving "new" meaning from the collection of numbers.

It follows that if I thought a sure fire way to make sure sure no one tampered with my writing, I would make an allowance for each sentence to add up to 19 say?

A code is a code and codes were meant to be broken. If some knows how to figure it out to assess its value, that "value" may not be altered and the words may be altered as long as the value of the combined words remained the same.

Like I said, I could be completely wrong and that is my perception.

mary XXX
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