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DoctorX wrote:
This thread will tarnish redrat's reputation. Seriously kid not funny.
An apology to Australians

Your right DoctorX, posting that "tasteless" video was wrong. And please accept my apology.

I'm terribly sorry if it offended anyone, It was not my intention to offend anyone. And I especially would like to apoligize to the Irwin family (In case any of them just happen to come by this website.)

Just for the Record

I'm not the creator of that absurd video, I happened on it while searching for the "Stingray Video" on the net. (I've been wanting to see how exactly Mr. Irwin got Stung.) Anyway I was "fooled" by the video myself, I thought it was real. :-? And trust me, I would NEVER create such a absurd video as that, (I would'nt know how, to begin with) and every link I post on this site is not mine, I simply post links from what I gather from the net.

Divine Intervention......

You know I could write all day on this topic of Mr. Irwins death, I beleive Gods hand is somewhere in this scenario, Personally your reply (and I thank you for it) has "awakened me."

It has me thinking that I've been totally desensitized to other peoples feelings. This incident has made me realize that my actions create reactions in other peoples minds. (sometimes good, sometimes bad) I will be more careful and considerate of what I post in the future. Please again accept my apology, and thank you for "Waking my Mind Up." thx Good day.
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