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Default Suggestions for this site

I've been here for two days so I'm sure you will take this very seriously ;-)

I could say the site is great, or I could make some suggestions:

1. The logo for this site also seen at savethemales is VERY offputting, probably turns people away.

2. I have a real problem with the organization of the forum, there's all kinds of topics that I don't see listed like Banking, Mind control, Anatoliy Golitsyn's revelations of Communism, and many others*. Personally I find NWO a vague heading and itís listed 3 times

3. I want to read through a thread to learn something, and often do. I wish however that every post had something worth reading in it. If someone wants to read through 100 posts on a topic, they may not want to read someone else's chatting from a month ago. On that theme, after Iíve seen someoneís witty signature line 50 times Ė I get really tired of it...sorry

* TV, TV ads, video game content, government, military, the education/research complex...

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