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Default Re: The sky is REALLY falling

Peace TB,

Thanks for the reminder from the Bible. I believe the test differs from one person to another. My test maybe completely different from yours, even if we live in the same house, do the same things, and live in the same environment. So i think the NWO is another distraction, we need to focus on our tests designed specially for us, how many times we surrender to Satan's temptations? how many times we let ourselves go with the flow? i think the majority are in the Alpha state already, no need for the NWO to come, it's already here! it's that dependence on mom and dad you mention.
Nobody wants to be responsible infront of God, they like the state of dependency on the creatures.

If each one of us broke free of the spiritual prisons surrounding him, his life will turn completely (even if no change happened around him).
How can someone say NO to the NWO when he can't say NO to a cigarette? and the list of obsessions, addictions, and phobias, hates go on and on.

Don't expect anyone to revolt, when he has sold his soul already. Isn't it about time that we destroy all the human and material idols and turn to God again!
God\'s alternative, USN

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