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Default The Grand Experiment: Welcome to your SECOND LIFE.

The Future is here....

I came across this website 2 weeks ago. And I have to say It's simply MIND BOGGLING, the ramifications it will have on the Net is amazing!

I was'nt sure where to post it at, either on the MIND CONTROL thread or the Satans Tool of Perversion thread. But I figure it deserves its own thread. After all this site is what I've been thinking, as to where humanity is being led to, by the "internet gurus." (DEPRAVITY)

I learned about the site here:

This Virtual World is the future of the internet, I can't fully describe the site, but I'll try.

If you combine E-commerce, The Sims, and My Space. com you still don't compare to this SECOND LIFE. Imagine a Virtual World where you can engage in E-commerce, and actually start and run a business, and a Virtual World where you can just about do anything you'd do out here in the real world, only in a VIRTUAL WORLD. :-o

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that this is good for humanity, on the contrary, I think it just shows how humanity is DE-EVOLVING into mind-controlled degenerates. Once I give you the web addres, notice the Illuminist Symbol, the hand with the EYE in the middle, I'm thinking the creator of this WORLD is "CONNECTED" so to speak.

I've only been on the site about 2 weeks, I'm still exploring the World, but, If it cheks out Ok, I'll create a PUB/Private club in this world for Conspiracy Buffs, If it does'nt exist already! (some features cost real money in this world)A commodity I lack at the moment, And one last thing, I hear some of the Virtual World Citizens in here have sex!(REALLY!) 8-)

Here's the Website.....

First download it to your computer then Log-in and create your BEING in VIRTUAL WORLD. (AMAZING!)

Welcome to the NEW WORLD DISORDER..... :-?

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