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Default Re: The sky is REALLY falling

I agree Ahmed.

Trouble is..."destroying all our material things and turning to God" is exactly what our masters want.

Lord Rothschild and his ilk will not be giving up his addiction to material things though thats just what they want of us.

And if a few billion of us accidently shuffle off this mortal coil they'll be happy about that too.

Technology is not the problem. Blind worship of technology and reason is the problem.

True, it's having a personal relationship with God that counts. I dont mean to be airy fairy about it.

It's not about going to church ranting on about whether you're saved or not. It's about how you conduct yourself every day.

It's not about being perfect it's about acknowledging your imperfect nature and having the capacity to say you were wrong.

I dont know what God is. I dont know if God even exists...out there.

All I know is that there is a feeling i get when i'm on the right path and another feeling i get when i'm not.

The older I get the easier it is to stay on my own path and avoid someone elses.

The most wonderful message I get from the NT is that I am forgiven. It's not my fault. Most of life is in Gods hands alone.

Trust your feelings. The hardest thing to do, as you say, is to let go.

A good example of this is my current erratic employment. My head says get a good job, settle down get a mortgage, you're getting left behind.

My heart says concentrate of gaining more knowledge. Get some good camera equipment and start making documentaries.

Then my head says..."what a pipe dream, what are you going to tell a good woman you may meet when she asks what you do...conspiricy nutter"?

But I have to follow my heart which currently wants to post on this site and get my own web site going.

When I follow my heart it all falls into place. Living this way is a true test. It is often lonely. It's at these times I feel closest to God.
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