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Default Why celestial entities have no choice but to leave humanity to its sad lot


"More than six billion human beings inhabit the earth, but how
many of them genuinely wish for the peace and happiness of
humanity? So very few! And when these few raise their voices
they are quickly stifled by the clamour of those who,
consciously or not, only want to dominate others and seize their
lands and riches. This is why the celestial entities, seeing how
few people are capable of voting in favour of peace and
well-being for all, have no choice but to leave humanity to its
sad lot.

Without realizing it, human beings are participating, for good
or ill, in a collective endeavour. If the voices of the
altruistic and enlightened increase in number – or even if,
without increasing their numbers they become more powerful and
convincing – the decision will be taken in favour of the kingdom
of God and the Golden Age. But people themselves must tilt the
balance in this direction, for the spirits on high do not
intervene. They are content, shall we say, to register the

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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