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Default Re: Why celestial entities have no choice but to leave humanity to its sad lot


"Our inner life rests on two pillars, love and faith, and we must
therefore work with them. There are scientists who want to
annihilate faith, and claim they will free us from all
superstition. As for love, the philosophers view it with scorn:
they see its various manifestations – goodness, gentleness,
humility – as examples of intellectual weakness, and in their
opinion it is the intellect alone that makes understanding

Well, there you have the entire conflict in perspective! I am
not an enemy of either science or philosophy. I merely observe
that the two pillars which support humanity’s inner temple have
been seriously shaken, and if we do nothing to reinforce them
the entire edifice will collapse. If we no longer have faith or
love, how can we speak of hope?"

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
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