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Default Re: Aussies must Fight.

Thanks for this.

A speech by our mighty 3ft Prime minister.:-)

Makow and many others prefer the theory that their is a GENUINE rift between the internationalist and more nationalist elements of the NWO. There is definately evidence of this. I find it hard to believe though, that Bush is anything more than a possible patsy in an internationalist effort to destroy America and energise the Left in general throught the world. After all Bush WAS/IS surrounded by "internationalists" of the highest order; Powel, Armitage, Wolfowitz, Kissinger, Brizinsky and MANY others and of those that have left...they have gone to internationalist institutions like the U.N and WTO and World Bank just to name a few. Bush's family are in deep with the East Coast Blue Blood Establishment who are well known lackeys of the House of Rothschild...this is where my doubts lie.

Australias John Howard appears to be a genuine reactionary to the NWO Internationalist program and basically always has been. Shame he does'nt follow through his rehtoric with a complete throwing out of several of the main ingredients of the NWO...mainly economic rationalism and free trade which have GUTTED Oz's productive capacity to zero and has us selling out primary resources to China for a relative song and buying it back from them as finished goods destroying our balance of trade. The same principal applies in the U.S.

Little Johnny is certainly "reacting" to the Internationalist's but he should stop reacting now and start caning these toady 5th columnists OUT of our institutions starting with the economics school.:-)

Funny how the great Champagne Socialist Geoff Whitlam is not mentioned in his speech.

In time, the world would luckily see the emergence of three remarkable individuals whose moral clarity punctured such nonsense: Ronald Reagan; Margaret Thatcher; and Pope John Paul II.
So this is all we've got Johnny? A Alzheimered Hollywood actor who refered to his wifes Astrologer for advice?

An anally retentive English school mistress who took away free milk from primary schools and adheres to an Austrian economic extremist who's rhetoric mirrors EXACTLY the jewish economic guru's of American Universities...namely borderless trade controlled by Jewish Banking Houses?

And then Pope John Paul...a man who BOWED before the mad Talmudic Rabbi's begging for forgiveness for misdeeds of the past. A man SOOOOOOO stupid he cant even find the reference in the Gospels about what his hero and King said of the Scribes and Pharisees he was bowing down before.

What a bunch of 3 Stooges our Prime minister has sought to raise to Sainthood?

It sure is a rock and a hard place for the budding Libertarian Christian type who wants to believe their's a meaningful rift between tweedle dee and tweedle dum. :-)

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